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Lighthouse-IT - Anwendungen für das Personalmanagement
Lighthouse-IT - Anwendungen für das Personalmanagement
Lighthouse-IT - Anwendungen für das Personalmanagement

Standard Software for Human Resource Management

Bluelight® – Vocational Training System

Bluelight® is the perfect solution for companies having to manage a high share of workplace-embedded training, enabling them to effectively combine it with theoretical aspects of the training and to consider the individual capabilities and skills of apprentices, trainees, and interns.

With Bluelight®, you and your trainees always know where everyone is at and what is to be expected at what time in the apprenticeship.

Bluelight® transcends industries and flexibly adjusts to individual customer needs.




Intuitive user interface


Roster graphics


Seamless integration into the SAP HCM landscape

Be well prepared.


Bluelight® allows you to begin planning even before you know the names of your trainees. It makes it easy to stay flexible and to adjust to changing situations. This is made possible through:

  • customizable standard training courses
  • personalizable elective subjects and stations
  • planning even before trainees have been selected
  • individual lengths of training
  • availability calendars for critical apprentice positions

You can make different plans and select the best option. Functions can be expanded through integration with Bowline®.

Administration without the detours.


Bluelight® is not only a great help for dual job training but supports the implementation of individual, customer-specific training courses.

This includes:

  • automatic planning of the individual training plans based on the skills of apprentices
  • planning of vocational school times
  • planning of workplace-embedded instruction times
  • swapping and changing of apprentice positions
  • consideration of trainees’ absences with or without using SAP time management
  • by request: grading
  • supervision of record book

Through integration into the SAP HCM suite, the application Applicant Management can automatically transfer suitable candidates to the HCM master data and payroll.


Always know what’s going on.


As part of Bluelight®, we offer:

  • roster graphics for trainees, supervisors, and administrators
  • iCal calendar for trainees and supervisors
  • a large selection of overviews (training patterns etc.)
  • exports into MS Excel
  • training plans
  • grading
  • personalized, web-based evaluations for trainees and supervisors

just to mention a few.

Through integration into SAP HCM, all evaluation from the master data are available, as well as correspondence, feedback, and appraisal.


Bluelight® is special because

  • he adjustable software prevents “off the rack” training courses
  • it uses graphics and makes automatic planning possible
  • the scope of functionality grows with customer input
  • there are no costs for access to the SAP master data

What our customers are saying

“It was our goal to plan more efficiently using new vocational training system. For the instructors, a user-friendly and reliable software was important. Bluelight is up to par. What’s more, we have an excellent working relationship with LIGHTHOUSE.”

Holger Koch, Training Supervisor
Bürkert Werke GmbH & Co. KG

“LIGHTHOUSE support is very quick to respond to messages. We also appreciate being able to contribute feedback for new releases.”

IT Inhouse Consultant SAP HR
Hirschvogel Umformtechnik GmbH

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