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Lighthouse-IT - Anwendungen für das Personalmanagement
Lighthouse-IT - Anwendungen für das Personalmanagement
Lighthouse-IT - Anwendungen für das Personalmanagement

Standard Software for Human Resource Development

Marline® – Personnel Development

Marline® looks at both sides of the “development coin,” at the interests of the company as well as that of the staff who want to make progress within the company and in life generally. Marline helps to balance both viewpoints.

The company (independent of the industry) always knows when critical positions have to be (newly) filled, both now and in the future, and which candidates are available with which potential. With the help of graphics, the staff can see quickly and clearly which opportunities the company has to offer them and which skills they can develop.

Marline® is as flexible as the challenges faced by the company and can be set up and operated on a completely individualized basis.



Intuitive user interface


Modular and integrated


Modern optics and handling

Well planned is half done.


In any company, nothing requires as much care as making human-resource policies. That is why the first step is to develop a system for keeping an even keel while navigating daily turbulences. The goal is the usual: the right staff at the right time … (you know what we mean). The plan (five-day realization workshop) includes:

  • early-warning system (key positions of the company)
  • gap analyses (what is needed where and when—staff/positions)
  • general/individual development plans
  • competencies, skills, abilities, tasks
  • lists of potential and wishes
  • follow-up plans
  • career models

Marline® makes these options available, and you can decide which tools you would like to use for each situation. Through integration in Bowline®, various planning situations can be simulated, including costs to be incurred.


Administration without detours.


The plan is set and the measures can be implemented:

  • implementation of qualification measures (e.g. organized with Bowline®)
  • definition of new/additional qualification measurements
  • adjustment of the organization by relocating tasks
  • revision of the target requirements (tasks and demands)
  • adjustment of processes due to automation and digitalization (newly, differently designed tasks with new requirements)

Through integration into the LIGHTHOUSE products Bowline® and Bluelight®, Marline has access to chosen human-resource measures and can respond suitably.


Keeping an eye on the future.


In addition to analytical tools for planning and preparation, Marline® offers:

  • overview graphics
  • organizational plans with/without key positions
  • organigrams
  • operating plans (process depictions)
  • task and requirement plans
  • target/actual comparisons
  • personalized, web-based evaluations for staff and management

Through integration into the SAP OM organizational management, all evaluations from this area are available.


Marline® is special because

  • very company has to master different challenges and the software is adaptable
  • it makes complex facts clear by using graphics
  • in spite of a wide scope of performance, it makes quick implementation possible
  • introductory consultation is included in the price

What our customers are saying

“Bowline helped us to greatly speed up our processes. Thanks to easy software usability, we never lose track of our planning. Superb customer service and fast support make for a complete package.”

Michael Kraus, HR Strategy Consultant (Project Manager)
AOK Bayern – Insurance Company

“We’ve chosen the products of LIGHTHOUSE because they optimally meet our needs and offer dedicated customer care.”

S. Fuhrer, Course Management Leader
Federal Office of Civil Protection BABS

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