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Lighthouse-IT - Anwendungen für das Personalmanagement
Lighthouse-IT - Anwendungen für das Personalmanagement
Lighthouse-IT - Anwendungen für das Personalmanagement

Standard Software for HR

We will navigate you through human resource management

This is the place for you to get an overview of our products, and we’d like to welcome you to this website with a happy hello. Or, as we say in Northern Germany, “Moin!”

Since 2007, LIGHTHOUSE has been digitalizing personnel development and talent management. What started out as a graphic-based extension of SAP Learning Solution — also known as event management or seminar administration — has evolved into an application suite that covers all aspects of training, and also encompasses board and accommodation.


Training & Education

This is a must for companies and organizations that incorporate classroom-based training instead of relying exclusively on online learning. Aiding the information flow for employees as well as customers and suppliers, it is designed for businesses that operate their own training facilities and want to make optimal use of scarce, expensive training resources such as experts and simulators.



This is our solution for companies that work within a dual vocational training system and have to manage training embedded in a real-life work environment. It facilitates innovative in-house instruction to cope with changing entry conditions, replacing Excel lists for managing the learning processes of apprentices and trainees.


Personnel Development / Talent Management

This is our solution for companies and organizations that want to prepare today for the challenges of tomorrow, instead of leaving it to chance whether or not key positions will be filled at the right time and with the right people. It brings into line the future challenges of the business with the demands of Generation Z.

Who we are

We are a software company in the suburbs of Hamburg, Germany. We were established in 1997. As well as our management team, we have fine innovative employees covering software development, quality management, training and consultancy completed by marketing representatives and office staff.

Who we are

We are a software company in the suburbs of Hamburg, Germany. As well as our management team, we have fifteen innovative employees in our workplace: six developers, two for quality management, two trainers and consultants, two marketing representatives, and three office staff.

What our customers are saying

“Bowline helped us to greatly speed up our processes. Thanks to easy software usability, we always keep track of our planning. Superb customer service and fast support make for a complete package.”

Michael Kraus, HR Strategy Consultant (Project Manager)
AOK Bayern – Insurance Company


“It was our goal to plan more efficiently using new vocational training system. For the instructors, a user-friendly and reliable software was important. Bluelight is up to par. What’s more, we have an excellent working relationship with LIGHTHOUSE.”

Holger Koch, Training Supervisor
Bürkert Werke GmbH & Co. KG



Did you know?

We are development partners of the SAP SE, Walldorf. This partnership ensures that our products fulfill the conditions for unique selling propositions in line with public and commercial procurement rules and regulations. To put it plainly, our products do not require tendering, thus saving time and money!

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